Sightseeing Tour Information

Hours of operation: 7:00am to 11:00pm, 7 days per week. Located on the lobby level near the front desk. A complete stock of items to fill your every need from personal items you may have left behind, to additional rolls of film, to souvenirs for you, and for gifts for those you left back home.

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Lobby Gift Shop

Hours of operation: 7:00am to 11:00pm, 7 days per week. Located on the lobby level near the front desk. A complete stock of items to fill your every need from personal items you may have left behind, to additional rolls of film, to souvenirs for you, and for gifts for those you left back home.

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Fun and Fit Travel Tips!

Make morning time your activity time. The weather will probably be friendlier, your energy levels higher and your agenda emptier than later in the day.

travel_hotel_118Reacquaint yourself with sunrises and sunsets. A walk at dawn or dusk is rejuvenation defined. Try to make this a daily ritual of life away from home, and you will guarantee yourself both physical and spiritual replenishment.

Get into the water as much as you can. Don’t allow yourself to spend all your time sitting in front of the water. Whether it is the ocean, a swimming pool or a tree-lined lake, make sure you get into the water for swimming or games or even walking. Merely standing in waist-high water is a good workout, thanks to the action of the water.

Fly a stunt kite. If there’s a good wind blowing, buy a stunt kite and take it to the beach or other large open space. These kites can be easily assembled, then taken apart, making them perfect for traveling. You’ll give your upper body a great workout as you struggle to control the kite. You may also have to run or walk to keep the kite in the air – or chase it down once it plummets to the earth.

travel_hotel_83Get out of the car every 2 hours. Many of us spend a large part of our vacations on the road, either getting to and from our destinations, or using the car for sightseeing. But no matter how beautiful the scenery is, great, memorable trips don’t happen in a car seat.

Don’t wait for exhaustion or the call of nature to get you to pull over. Get out frequently and stretch, walk, picnic, shop, visit and have fun. It’s important for your health and energy, and it makes traveling a lot more interesting.

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Did Someone Say Sale?

Ready for a getaway?

Book your stay at Hotel Harrington today!


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Do You Have a Packing Problem?

travel_hotel_6Have you ever paid an excess baggage fee, left your passport at home or cleaned up a messy shampoo spill in your suitcase? If you’ve encountered any of these packing crises, chances are your suitcase-stuffing strategy could use a little work!

Warning Sign No. 1: A Wrinkled Wardrobe.

Stick to wrinkle-free clothing rather than ordinary cottons and linens, which are prone to creases. Before your trip, lay your clothes out ahead of time to make sure you have everything you need — but don’t actually put them into your bag until shortly before you’re ready to depart. That way you’ll minimize the time they spend scrunched up in your suitcase. On the other end of your trip, be sure to hang up your clothes as soon as you arrive in your hotel.

Warning Sign No. 2: Damaged Goods.

It may seem obvious, but it bears repeating: Never put breakable items into your checked luggage. Instead, wrap the items carefully in newspaper, bubble wrap and/or clothing and stow them in your carry-on bag. Smaller items can be slipped inside a shoe and cushioned with a balled-up pair of socks.

If you’re buying a fragile item that’s too big to fit into your carry-on, have the merchant ship it home for you. Stores that frequently handle tourist purchases are pros at packing their goods for shipping — and you’ll often be able to insure your item and receive compensation if it’s damaged en route.

200292204-001Warning Sign No. 3: Too Much Baggage.

Start at the source: your suitcase. If you often find yourself edging toward your airline’s weight limits, it may be worth purchasing a lightweight bag to give you a few extra pounds to work with. Do your homework to prevent packing unnecessary items. If the weather forecast calls for nothing but sunshine, leave the umbrella at home. Pack clothes that can do double duty — like black shoes that are comfortable enough for sightseeing but dressy enough for dinner, or a shirt that can be worn twice with different accessories.

Warning Sign No. 4: Pre-Trip Panic.

Don’t wait to start packing until the day — or the hour! — before your trip. Instead, begin making a list of items you think you’ll need about a week prior to departure. Starting early will give you time to go shopping for any items you may be missing. Mentally walk through your trip itinerary, putting aside each day’s outfit and identifying any accessories or equipment you’ll need for the day’s activities. As each item goes into your suitcase, check it off your list.

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Explore the Free-to-Enter National Zoo

The National Zoo is right for you

It’s not all elephants and donkeys in DC. At the National Zoo, visitors can find all sorts of animals that don’t subscribe to party lines. Lions, tigers, giraffes and the zoo’s beloved giant pandas are just some of the 2,000 animals that call the 163-acre park home. The zoo’s habitats feature animals from 400 different species and about 25 percent of the zoo’s residents are endangered. All of the animals at the National Zoo – which is also a global research center and conservation center – are cared for by world-class zoologists and veterinarians.

The National Zoo is located in DC’s residential Woodley Park neighborhood and, like all Smithsonian museums, admission is free. The main entrance (you’ll know it by the two Instagram-friendly lion statues flanking the gate) is on Connecticut Avenue. The zoo is just a short walk from both the Woodley Park and Cleveland Park Metro stops on the Red Line and the L1 and L2 buses drop off right in front of the entrance. The National Zoo is open from 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. (until 4 p.m. in the winter months) seven days a week. Be prepared to do lots of walking! The National Zoo, which is handicapped and stroller accessible, is a large park with 18 distinct areas to explore.

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weekend oclock

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